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Wewow-world-of-warcraft-20864123-1600-1200 had the opportunity, an extensive interview with Bill Roper, vice president of Blizzard North, to carry on World of WarCraft. He gave us some very interesting things about the history, the planned beta test and of course the game itself betrayed. So lean back and learn more about the Hitkandidaten World of WarCraft.

World of WarCraft Interview with Bill Roper

4Players: When and why have you decided to develop an online role-playing game based on the Warcraft universe?

Bill Roper: The idea actually came to us years ago! EverQuest by the genre of online role-playing games became more popular and has to this time, probably everyone thought about the development of such a game. We for our part have always been convinced that Warcraft has the potential to also be made online. The world is consistent and the units are perfect for such a reaction. In addition, the game will offer the mix of orcs, dwarves, minotaurs, and more people a whole new feel.

4P: What will be different World of Warcraft from other games of this genre?

BR: First of course the world! WarCraft offers us opportunities to create something that is so far not been there. Then a very simple and innovative gameplay with wow gold. The interface is logical and with a few mouse clicks are all important actions carried out. And so even novices will find their way, the player step-by-step with all the important things familiar.
4P: How many playable races and classes will be available in the final version? Or it remains in the previously known four races and three classes?

BR: All I can say is currently nothing concrete yet, but we wait for the next six months easily and see.

Maybe there are even new information at E3? (AdR14. to May 16, 2003 in Los Angeles – we will be on site!)

4P: What is your favorite class or race?

BR: I have mostly support classes such as Healers have played, it will be World of Warcraft definitely be a fighter! And I love dwarves – that is a dwarf who will stand in the front row!

4P: Will it be possible to combine skills? E.g. So a fighter can also learn spells that he can use in battle?

BR: No, one contestant will be able to learn any magic. However, even melee fighters will be able to cast spells, but only after an scrolls or other things.

4P: Can you already say how many players can have fun is expected at the same time on one server?

BR: We are planning the server for about 3,000 to 5,000 players to be interpreted. How many are there but in the end, the show is expected later this year-starting beta testing.

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