War of Warcraft Add-ons

There are many, many add-ons for World of Warcraft, numbering in the thousands. A lot of players are not really aware of how the game can be made better through the add-ons. These little additions to the game can show map coordinates, damage levels and many other things that enhance the game experience.

Since there are so many add-ons to choose from, start by considering just what parts of World of Warcraft could stand a bit of enhancement. Those who need to find the best paths to take for quests have add-ons that serve that need. There are add-ons that allow the viewing of maps outside a battleground zone. In fact, there are add-ons that let players play checkers, Tetris and chess with other guild members.  Find out which needs an add-on will fill before downloading them, and try to keep the number low, since too many add-ons will consume memory resources in the computer and slow down World of Warcraft.

Once the decision regarding which add-ons to use has been made, they can be downloaded from a number of different sites:

• One of the more popular World of Warcraft add-on sites is Curse Gaming. This site has lists of add-ons, each with a description of what it does, so players know just what they are downloading. Curse Gaming also features a current list of the five most downloaded add-ons in their add-on section at WoW.Curse.com.

• It is a good idea to get add-ons that have been approved by Blizzard itself. World of Warcraft’s official site at WoW.com has a list of add-ons for the Auction House, guild banks, map coordinates and other useful features. Add-ons downloaded through the official World of Warcraft site are approved, meaning there’s no chance of them resulting in an account being banned.

• WorldOfWar.net is another site that has a good selection of add-ons. They work hard to keep their selection up to date, even to the point of making sure they will operate with the latest patches. WorldOfWar.net provides a summary of the enhancements each add-on will provide. This site even lists instructions on the installation, set-up and use of the add-on after it has been downloaded.

There are a number of add-ons available that do not have Blizzard’s approval. Most of these are considered cheating by the staff at Blizzard. The sites that supply these will usually carry a warning that their add-ons are not approved before the add-on is downloaded. It is best to avoid downloading unapproved add-ons, because many of them could result in the player’s World of Warcraft account being banned.

A virus scanner is essential for anyone downloading add-ons. Viruses inside an add-on may allow hackers access to World of Warcraft account information, which will result in the account getting locked. It is always a good idea to be careful when downloading.

Remember the first step is to decide what kinds of add-ons are needed before the first download. Also, keep in mind that these add-ons take up memory, which means too many of them will slow down the game. Always download Blizzard-approved add-ons, to avoid account banning, and always check every download with a virus checker to avoid being a victim of hackers.